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The Unique, Multi-Bearer Live Stream Body Worn Video Camera System

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Sep 12, 2020 Posted by: admin New Technologies

Latest in Body Worn Videos (BWV) Technology for Security Services




We offer Audax® Award winning BIO-AX® next-generation wearable security solution, with its robust, compact easy to use body camera functions to Locally Record and capture of evidence and/or STREAM Live VIDEO .

Video Evidence is fully encrypted on the device and using End-to-end secure Encryption (AES 256-bit) in the live data stream ensures fully meeting and exceeding the UK Home Office Guidance, the British Standard 8593: 2017 and to aid in organisations compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Own Sim card or the built in Wi-Fi can be conveniently used for transmission to the Audax Cloud or your own server. It offers a feature rich Camera Management System with live-view mapping, Integrated SOS (Lone-Worker protection) ,live GPS-tracking, and Geo-fencing, linked to active user specified alarms or telematics.

There is even Text to Speech & VOIP PTT capability thus this Licence free system easily out performs other products in its class.

All Products by Audax® are available in Pakistan through RSL Premier Services International (Pvt) Limited.


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