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Hikvision’s Deep Learning technologies integrate into security and access control systems in convenient ways that really work, with functionalities that include social distancing measures, crowd and traffic controls, mask detection, access control & employee attendance tracking, temperature screening, and more.

Designed to be modular and scalable, just about every industry application – from schools and hospitals to retail shops, office buildings, and industrial parks – will find what they need here. Virtually any work area can be protected and enhanced with a Hikvision solution custom-designed for their needs – today, every day, and for years to come

Hikvision Store Solution

Hikvision Store Solution is a package using Hikvision’s self-developed VMS software to manage your existing or new business, including Security Surveillance, Access Control, Video Intercom, Intrusion Detection, ANPR and more.

Alarm Expansion Solution

Advantech’s products can now be seamlessly be integrated through Hikvision’s HIKCENTRAL, bringing greater versatility for the HIKCENTRAL.

Smart Education

Distance Learning Solution

An extremely efficient system for Teachers, Students, and Management.

For Teachers
Resources to deliver great lectures, in which;
PTZ tracks teachers between presentation wall, teachers desk and classroom discussion.
Panoramic camera delivers interactive classroom reactions and feedback and questions.
Teacher can split screen between live classroom and presentation material.
Teacher has flexibility to manage the lecture, with resources like lecture live streaming, record editing tool.
Teacher can easily start/end live streaming with just one click.

For Students
Advanced immersive and interactive education experience

High resolution content goes beyond head and shoulders (1080P HD camera).
Live chat text or audio via speaker system.
Replay class with teacher access permission.
Access resources though search and access previous lectures, with unlimited resource replay time.
Access lectures on multiple devices (PC, smartphone, tablet, etc).

For Management

Virtual class data management

Organise, manage, store and access classes live or catch up.
Access to real-time data to manage lectures and analyse lectures and attendance.
20000+ user management
Daily record review report.

Hikvision Hotel Solution

Hikvision’s Hotel Solutions are designed to increase safety and ensure that your hotel can welcome guests in comfort, with confidence and peace of mind by combining Temperature Screening, Mask Detection and Density Control.  This package also uses Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), Facial Recognition and HikCentral software to enhance Hotel management.


Temperature Screening: Detect E guest’s skin surface temperature without physical contact.

Mask Detection: Identify whether an individual is wearing a mask and prompt them to do so if required.

Restaurant & Gym

Density Control: Provides real-time guidance for queueing customers with audible announcements.

Enhanced Reporting: Regular customer flow reports improve personnel scheduling and marketing strategies.

Car Park

ANPR: Time-based vehicle number analysis, vehicle overstaying alarms and vehicle parking duration reports enable easy End efficient vehicle management.


DeepinView: Designed to detect human faces and carry out facial comparisons. This service allows VIPs to be identified as soon as they arrive, and provides them with an exclusive, first-class customer experience.


PanoVu Camera: Hikvision provides a dual-direction PanoVu camera with two adjustable lenses, which can monitor different directions simultaneously, meaning less cabling is required and installation is easy.

Control Room

HikCentral: Completely centralised video monitoring to achieve vast integration capabilities and deliver more powerful solutions.

Event and Alarm Management: Set up alarms to be notified when an abnormal event occurs.

Hikvision's "Video & Audio Convergence Solution"

Hikvision’s  Video & Audio Convergence Solution uses both CCTV and audio technology to provide a real-time warning system and a proactive deterrent.

Small Scenario Eco Solution for Retail, Small Offices, etc.

For small scenarios and indoor environments such as retail shops and small offices, Hikvision cameras not only make an audio warning and emit flashing light when the alarm is triggered, but can also allow users to communicate to the people in the monitoring area.

Small Scenario Pro Solution for Retail, Small Offices, etc. gives added facility of customised Audio Braodcast, and a Two-Way audio for enhanced pro-activity.

Large Scenario Solution for Schools, Large Buildings, office complexes and large buildings that need louder audio warning across larger areas, IP Speakers are available.  Multi-linkage between speaker and camera is available and any alarm triggered from NVR-connected cameras can trigger any NVR-connected IP Speaker to play a bespoke audio.  Audio speaker can be mapped on HikCentral, while Audio playing can be scheduled.  Device licenses are centralised and managed by HikCentral.  Higher IP speaker capability of up to 512 IP Speakers is available with provision of adding icon on the map in Hikcentral allowing users to talk to any speaker easily without trying to search the name; and can broadcast any audio file through the speaker from local laptop or server, or just talk through the microphone.

All the displayed products and more are available in Pakistan through RSL Premier Services International (Pvt) Limited.

Note: Items of Military Use or Specifications are Subject to Government Controls and NOCs

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