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CCTV Systems and Accessories

With modern technologies, including Automated Facial Recognition (AFR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Enhanced or multi-Connectivity, Cloud Computing, Information and Communication technology and with ability to integrate with Internet of Things, provides unmatched ability to conduct comprehensive security and safety surveillance that can be monitored and controlled from remote or mobile platforms.

RSL-PSIL offers a complete range of CCTV, Cameras and accessories that can provide security and safety support for persons, assets, and systems, or for industrial purposes, that can be designed to suit unique individual security and safety requirements.

RSL-PSIL provided CCTV systems and accessories can be integrated with other advanced systems and perform as force multipliers in each and every security and safety function while offering economy and efficiency.

We offer cameras that have abilities to support Access Control, Traffic Management, Safe / Smart City Solutions, Fire and Smoke detection, Police use, and many many others.

CCTV or Video Management System

Video Management System usually includes atleast:

Intelligent movement detection;

Target detection and classification;

Pinpointing cameras to the security system alert areas or movement detection zone;

Display and auto recording of video data upon burglar and fire alarms, access control alarms;

Detection and following movement paths of detected objects.

Video Management System (or CCTV) can be integrated with Perimeter Intrusion Detection and Access Management and Control Systems. It can detect unauthorized intrusion in daylight or in complete darkness. Security alarm signal will trigger all cameras in the secured zone  and alert the operator about suspicious event.

Few Uses of CCTV and Cameras

CCTV can also be effectively integrated for Safety and security of Town Centers, Retail, Banking Sector and ATMs, Oil & Gas, Aviation, Transport, Border Security, Process Control, Gaming, Ports, Utilities, Arenas, Vehicles, Transport Systems, etc.

We Offer Several Brands, that include:


Automatic number plate recognition and recording

Vehicle list management

Blacklisted vehicles trigger a warning, while whitelisted vehicles are granted entry

Records search and reporting

Exports reports from remote sites

ANPR logs supports searching by vehicle type, brand, color and direction


Thermal & Optical Bi-spectrum Network Speed Dome

PanoVu Series 360° Panoramic + PTZ Camera

PanoVu Series 180° Panoramic + PTZ Camera

PanoVu series Panoramic Dome Camera

4MP DarkFighter Moto Varifocal Bullet Network Camera

4 MP VF Dark Fighter Bullet Network Camera,

4 MP IR Varifocal Bullet Network Camera

8MP 180° Panoramic & PTZ Camera

360 Vision offers the most efficient range of innovative, high quality and robust surveillance solutions using unique infrared and white light LED illuminators, combined with cameras and system controls from the UK based 360 Vision Technologies.

These Products include:

Predator PTC Camera

Eclipse Stainless Steel

The TX Range – Wireless Video Transmission

Sirius Illumination

Thermal Range

Radar Range

HS Cyber Protection

We offer SeSys Products for



True High Resolution Digital IP Cameras that are POE compatible and designed to operate over standard IP networks in hazardous and non-hazardous areas and all Security, Operational or Health and Safety requirements globally.  These cameras are optimised for remote site use and deliver the highest possible image quality.

The specification of SeSys cameras far exceeds HD digital cameras and all analogue cameras. SeSys solutions capture images of high quality for operational requirements and where required, suitable as evidence in a court of law.


We can provide

360 Vision System

Driver Fatigue Monitoring System

Moving Object Detection System & ADAS

High Definition MDVRs (1080P MDVRs)


IP Cameras

Forward Facing Cameras

Side View Cameras

Dome Cameras

Rear View Cameras

Shutter Cameras

Fisheye Camera

License Plate Cameras

Compact Size Cameras

Monitors; A Series, B Series, C Series

Millimeter Wave Radar

Blind Spot Detection

Parking Sensor

Digital Wireless




Camera Functions

Vision Solutions



Network Cameras, Speed Dome Cameras, and NVRs

with features including

Super Starlight, Early Warning, Panoramic, Face Recognition, Thermal Bi-Spectrum capabilities and much more

Quality and Durable Products from


Wireless Camera

Network Camera

HD Coaxial camera


Starlight Sensing


from Taiwan offers:

IP Cameras

Video Management Software

Surveillance Systems

Access Control

License Plate Recognition

Digital Signage

PoE Solution

IP Decoder / HD Video Encoder

All the displayed products and more are available in Pakistan through RSL Premier Services International (Pvt) Limited.

Note: Items of Military Use or Specifications are Subject to Government Controls and NOCs

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