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Fencing, Gates, Barriers & Bollards

Fencing, Gates & Bollards

Physical Security equipment and Systems, presented here, includes Pedestrian Speedgates, Turnstiles, Vehicle Barriers, etc. We offer a wide range of innovative and elegant products controlling pedestrian access from site perimeters to building access, besides vehicle access etc. Products we offer combine security, speed and user protection with very high reliability, while being compatible with all major access control systems. We try to suggest only those products that are within client’s budget, and are reliable, efficient, durable and long lasting, to give satisfactory service.

Security Surveillance, Illuminations & Lights

We Offer

Pedestrian Products

Security Entrance Lanes


Security Doors

Vehicle Products

Parking, Perimeter Access and Toll-Barriers

Long Range Barriers

Fenced Barriers

High Security Products

Rising Barriers

Road Blockers and Tyre-Killers


Perimeter Security Electric Fence & Agricultural Solar Fencing


Specially Designed, Environment Friendly, Fencing for Live-Stock, with Solar Power and provision of Electro-Fencing, with all Safety Measures.

Highly effective in use at Farms, Livestock pens, protecting your crops against wild-boars and other animals.

All Products by LANSTAR® are available in Pakistan through RSL Premier Services International (Pvt) Limited.

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