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Benefiting from the technological revolution in Forensic Sciences, RSL-PSIL offers most modern Forensic equipment and materials, to conduct on-site and off-site forensic investigations.  RSL-PSIL offers products that immensely help in robust scientific measurements for forensic investigation and evidence collection of human biological traces, chemical identification of substances including illicit drugs and digital evidence that could be used in court of law.

High Quality Forensic Equipment 


Latent Fingerprint Development Equipment.
Forensic Laser Light Source
Forensic Alternate Light Source(ALS)
CSI/Forensics Photography System
Crime Scene Uniform Light
Shoeprints/Tire Prints Tracing Light
Police Illumination
Handheld Flashlight
Handheld Spotlight/Search
Portable light tower
Safety Alarm Lamp and Dazzling Device
Police Vehicle-mounted lamp OR-GCZ40W
Portable Infrared Night Vision Light Source OR-GIR90

Reliable and Proven Forensics Products

A highly reputed name in the world of Froensics, GLSI offers the most modern and reliable Forensic Equipment world over.

Laboratory Equipment
Clean Benches
PCR Prep Stations
Fume Hoods
Fentanyl Ductless Hood
Evidence Drying Cabinets
Fuming Chambers
Latent Print Developing
Ozone Generating Air Purifiers

Personal Protection

Safety Wear and Accessories
Personal Protection Kits
Skin and Personal Protection
First Aid (IFAKs) and Trauma Care
Body Bags and ID Kit
Biohazard Labels and Bags
Odor Inhibitors

Presumptive Drug Testing

Presumptive Drug Testing Tools & Supplies
Narcotics Detection & Investigation Kits

Theft Detection

Powders & Pastes
Invisible Markers & Spray
Thief Detection Kits

Evidence Casting

Casting Materials and Impression Lifters
Casting Preparation and Finishing
Casting Accessories
Evidence Casting Kits

Forensic Light Sources

Hammerhead Lights and Kit
CS Scan Light System and Forensic Glasses
Rook Lights and Kits
Portable Scene Lights
Spot and UV Long and Short Wave Lights
E and B Series Handheld Lights
Accessories and Admission Control System


Inking Pads & Sheets
Inking Slabs, Ink, & Rollers
Inkless Fingerprinting
Cleaning Solutions – Hands, Slabs, & Rollers
Fingerprint Record Cards
Stations – Cardholder & Ink Combos
Fingerprinting Kits
Fingerprinting Tools

All the displayed products and more are available in Pakistan through RSL Premier Services International (Pvt) Limited.

Note: Items of Military Use or Specifications are Subject to Government Controls and NOCs

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