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Integrated Security Systems

StilSoft, from Russian Federation

Integrated Security Systems
Integrated Security Solutions for Airports
Special Solutions for Federal Forces
Safe City Solutions
Unmanned Ariel Vehicles
Moving object detection technology
Auto target tracking technology
Face recognition technology
Traffic control technology
UAV stabilisation technology
Energy efficiency for standalone systems technology
Wireless data replication technology
Microwave Security Sensor
Vibration-Seismic Security Sensors
Troboelectric Sensors
Triboelectric and vibration-seismic security sensor
Infrared Passive Sensors
Radio Locating and Ranging System
Radio Radar (intended for surveillance of open terrestrial, air and water spaces. The radar allows displaying paths, distances to various moving objects such as a person, automobile, boat, etc.)
Portable Systems (Scorpio Off-Road Vehicle-Based Standalone Portable Video Surveillance and Thermal Imaging System)

We offer latest innovative solutions that exploits interoperability while providing scalable solutions and meeting the requirements of 21St Century.

It is where the technology meets your needs and Solutions can be tailored to suit your requirement

Integrated Security Systems


By StilSoft

Autonomous Facial Recognition Rapid Deployment System is intended for use by law-enforcement agencies to identify people of interest or those included in wanted lists.


To enhance security of infrastructure, transport, sports events cultural sites, both indoor and outdoor environments with large crowds.

Real-time identification for the purpose of operational search, investigative and expert practices.

Key features:

Real-time and on-request biometric identification;

Alert about a positive match with image display on the smartphone screen;

Data input from any source including photographs, video and photo cameras, data sets;

Filling in forms with photos and relative data;

Searching people of interest in databases both by input pictures and by personal data.

Leading Edge Technologies
From Russia

Access & Safety
Safe City
Special Solutions
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)Automated Information Systems
Traffic Enforcement Systems
Command & Control Centers
Autonomous Facial Recognition Rapid
Deployment System (AKILA)
StilScan Special Software
Border Control Management Systems

Security Solutions
Custom Built for Most Effective and Fail-Safe Security
Easy to Install and Easy to Use
Seamless Integration with Leading Platforms


Offering Solutions for:

Leisure & Tourism
Civil Defense

All Products by VANDERBILT® are available through us.

We Offer

Leading Vision Systems & Products
Meeting Highest Standards of Quality with Innovation



Driver Fatigue Monitoring System
Around View System
Fleet Management Systems
Front View, Rear View, Side View Cameras

HD Electronic Mirror Monitor & Systems
Customized Mirror Monitors for Specialized Vehicles
Digital Wireless Systems
Radar Detection Systems

Parking Sensors
Blind spot Detection Systems
Accessories & Modules

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Pursuing the C4ISR Concept in Real Sense

Using intelligent technologies, to utilize cloud storage and to allow round-the-clock use of Big-data Applications that can be easily integrated for efficient performance of Safe-City, Smart-City, Smart Safety and Security, Smart Retail, Smart Transport Solutions, worldwide.

Offers Top of Line
Intelligent & Recognitive Solutions
(KEDACOM Falcon System)
Command Control & Data Centres
IP Cameras
Mobile Solutions

All Products by KEDACOM® are available through us.

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Note: Items of Military Use or Specifications are Subject to Government Controls and NOCs

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