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Lights for Law Enforcement Agencies

Ultra Bright (CS-H20), Long Range (CS-H11), Mid-Range (CS-H8),

Tactical Floodlight: Hand-Held (CS-H5),

Tactical Flashlight: Multi-Spectrum, (CS-HMC2)

Laser Dazzler: Hand-Held (CS-HLD, CS-GLD)

Tactical Flashlights

Infrared Light (CS-HI4),

Infrared Gun Light (CS-GI4)

Weapons Light:

Mid-Range Gun Light (CS-G8, CS-G6)

Long-Range Weapon Light, CS-G11,

Long-Range Tactical Searchlight (CS-S55)

Search Lights & Anti-Riots

Ultra-Bright Scene Light (CS-UW75)

Multi-Spectrum Ocular Interruption Device (CS-MS75)

Ultra-Bright Scene Light (CS-UW75, CS-UW25, )



All the displayed products and more are available in Pakistan through RSL Premier Services International (Pvt) Limited.

Note: Items of Military Use or Specifications are Subject to Government Controls and NOCs

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