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SafeCity Solutions

We are bringing together several Smart City and Safe City Solutions while updating this page. Inconvenience due to partial information is regretted. We are bringing together several Smart City and Safe City Solutions while updating this page. Inconvenience due to partial information is regretted.

Smart City Solutions

Smart cities, tend to exploit Internet of Things, and interlinks all facets of technology, for convenience of the overall system, and are driven by different drivers. Safe City Solutions, Improved governance, service delivery systems, public transportation and intelligent infrastructure are only a few sectors that are included in a Smart City concept.

Safe City Solutions

Safe City projects typically include systems that focus on improving the safety of citizens. By gathering intelligence and integrating CCTV public address, communications, traffic management, safety and other public service related systems, an overall analysis provides swift and focused interventions or responses, and mitigation by the governments or organisations.

There may be further subdivisions in the Safe City that may include one or more Safe City Solutions.  Most common solutions used within Safe City Projects include singularly, or integrated systems as follows:

Anti-Terrorism Security Systems:

General High-Quality Video Surveillance with Analytics

Vehicle Tracking and Traffic-enforcement Systems

Emergency Mitigation and Public Alert

“Command and Control Center” Integrated Security System

We Offer Leading Edge Safety and Security Services with decades of on-hand experience and in collaboration with world’s leading Technology based Project partners, providing end-to-end Safe City Solutions and Products.  We are the confluence of Video Surveillance, Alarm Control, Command and Dispatch, that help the Government, Organisations, and Law Enforcement Agencies, manage safety and security at the highest efficiency.

These SafeCity Systems can also be used in Education, Retail, Traffic, Industrial Park, Building, and Banking and Finance, Commercial, Residential, Manufacturing & Industry, Healthcare, Sports & Entertainment, Government, Utilities, Energy & Mining, related projects / services world over.

The projects also include superb and glitch-less security and safety software, and Central Monitoring Station with Video-Walls through RSL-PSIL for your projects, along with associated technical advice and support.

Smart City and Safe City


Safe City’s Hardware and Software Complex

Unified Tourist System

In collaboration with

RSL Premier Services International (Private) Limited, along with its sister companies, is providing services in field of Safety and Security, since 2014.  The Company is Authorised Partner of world’s leading HIKVision; M/S ZHEJIANG HIKVISION DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. China, and are authorized to work on projects, deploying HIKVision products and systems.  HIKVision’s safety technology based solutions, are effectively serving Safe City Projects in several parts of the world.


CHINA’S “FOSHAN ISAFENEST INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.” Supporting INTERNET OF THINGS for Intelligent Security System, Fire Fighting, Prevention of Burglary, Home Environment Management and Smart Home Control Systems

Safe City Solutions



All the displayed products and more are available in Pakistan through RSL Premier Services International (Pvt) Limited.

Note: Items of Military Use or Specifications are Subject to Government Controls and NOCs

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