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Telemetric, Trackers and VTS

VTS & Trackers

Real-time trackers for positioning (localisation, speed, time/date, direction & change of, shock & Geo-Fencing) and monitoring of sensors, on a comprehensive customisable management platform over 40 parameters programmable by customer, with reports, maps, statistics, histograms and archives.
We have the products & platform to offer a tailor-made tracking system that suits your ever-changing and specific needs.
Be it the challenge of monitoring large quantities of machines across multiple locations, or maintaining a safe overview of what your consignments are doing, we can offer a package that corresponds to your requirements.
Trackers made by Swiss/British-staffed company based in Switzerland, who supply German-made products of the highest quality that will work anywhere in the world. 35 years’ experience working across Europe, Africa, Asia & Latin America in intermodal transport and logistics, speaking multiple languages and believe that the service they offer is second to none. Offers the best prices and services and are ‘solution-based’ & can cater to different client needs. Ensuring discretion & offer a service that you can integrate, without all individuals in your company knowing.


Bulldog Mini

Worldwide Intermodal Asset Tracker

Worldwide Intermodal Asset Tracker — anywhere, anytime. Compact: 8.7×5.1×3 cms (3.35 cms with magnet). Real-time End-to-End Supply-Chain Visibility. Powered by: primary cell batteries (CR123A); changed by user, or rechargeable batteries by induction (QI standard). No cables, no wires autonomous. Performance: 1 position/day for up to 4 years. Precise radio- and WiFi-localisation. Guaranteed operational temperature range: -25°C to +60°C. Splash-proof, IP65. With temperature and light sensors. Optional magnets, industrial Velcro or adhesive tape underneath. Low-end price — high-end quality!
Comprehensive remote management platform. Batteries: long life & easy to change (set of CR123A consumer batteries), OR, in-built rechargeable batteries on standard QI induction plate. Robust & splash-proof IP 65. Fully autonomous, no other power required (no ignition, no vehicle battery cable, no cigar-lighter, no cables. Easy installation — with magnets or Velcro. No maintenance. World or European coverage.
Note: 2G/3G being progressively switched off: this new device is 4G catM1/LTE-M (Fallback 2G)
Usage: WCs, ULDs, Pallets, Crates, Boxes, Containers, Tank-Tainers, Wagons, Swap-Bodies, Trucks, Trailers, Motorbikes, Bikes, Mobile-Homes, Caravans, Boats, Yachts, Barges, Construction Site Material, Agricultural Machinery, Municipal Council Equipment, Military Equipment, Persons.

Bulldog 1

25x10x3cm; 1kg.  For inventory tracking (up to 12 positions per day at predetermined times, no motion tracking) of any mobile asset such as vehicles, containers, Tanktainers, Rail Wagons, Crates, Boxes, Agricultural Machinery, Plant Hire, Military Equipment, Caravans, Boats etc.  Performance: 10 years at 2-3 transmissions/day (or 15 yrs @ 1 ping/day).  Non-rechargeable but optional extra battery pack Monitor for equipment maintenance.


Bulldog Plus + Bulldog Plus Sensor

25x10x3cm; 1.1kg, Possibility to have combination of 3 transmission modes: (a) GSM/GPRS. (b) Satellite. (c) Low Power Network (LoRa).


For advanced movement tracking of any mobile asset such as Vehicles,

Containers, Tanktainers, Rail Wagons, Crates, Boxes, Agricultural Machinery,

Plant Hire, Military Equipment, Caravans, and Boats etc.  Performance: 10 years at 2-3 transmissions/day (or 15 yrs @ 1 ping/day).  Multi sensor option: Bulldog Plus Sensor with a single- or multi-sensor board (built-in Shock, Light/Door Opening, Temperature & Humidity Sensors and/or others externally — by Cable or Wireless, e.g. Smoke, Tilt Angle, etc.).  With geo-fencing alerts by email or SMS.  Monitor for equipment maintenance, Rechargeable with optional extra battery pack, Waterproof IP69K.  Fixed with magnets on truck/container mount.

Ridgeback &Ridgeback (Solar)

26x10x3cm; 1.3kg, With Sensors: Temperature, Humidity, Shock, Smoke, Light/Intrusion, Door Opening, Crane Lifting Speed, Tilt Angle.  Other sensors on request. Possibility to have combination of 3 transmission modes: (a) GSM/GPRS. (b) Satellite. (c) Low Power Network (LoRa).

Charged by sunlight with long-life reserve battery (shade periods).  Versions ranging: from basic inventory tracking (position every X hours) to constant motion tracking with option of many highly sensitive sensors; for any mobile asset especially vehicles, trucks, containers, rail wagons Geo-fencing alerts by email and SMS Updates ETA’s ‘en route’.  Monitor for equipment maintenance.


Can be mounted outside or inside truck, wagon or container with powerful magnets or click-on holder, rivets/screws; can transmit from inside Specially designed for high-value, dangerous and/or perishable cargoes requiring constant monitoring.  Built-in sensors: door opening/intrusion/light, shock, temperature, humidity; with alerts by email and SMS; and others.  Possibility to add more sensors by cable or wireless as required (e.g. smoke, tilt, lift speed, etc.).  Wireless communication with other similarly equipped assets (Bluetooth). Waterproof IP69K

Solar powered, cable- and maintenance-free: This durable, cable-free, all-terrain solar-powered high transmission frequency tracking device will keep you informed of the status and whereabouts of your consignments and mobile assets any time & anywhere in the world.  Ideal for asset management on long trips and in harsh environments.  These self-charging asset trackers give peace of mind, whatever the conditions.  The Ridgeback also has a long-life autonomous reserve battery for periods out of the sun, lasting well over 6 months with I position update per day, (ex. in container stacks, warehouses).

NB: Performance depends on transmission conditions.



8.7×5.6×0.85cm; 47g, Performance: pings per charge cycle (1 ping/hour for >6 weeks).  Cell-id tracking only, no GPS i.e. reduced accuracy (to 10m).  Activated/ deactivated by customer.  Designed for inside shipment/consignment (on pallets or in box/crate/suitcase/ pocket).  Rechargeable per USBc.  Options: temperature & humidity external sensors.


This small, very high-performance unit is designed to fit your key ring, slip into your bag, or even “sit on your lap”! It’s small, lightweight & quite amazing, this little sidekick will not let you down!  A powerful miniaturized device to track people, goods or vehicles weighing only 35 grams, the TECKEL is presently the smallest complete chargeable GSM / GPS tracking device in its class & will track a ny mobile asset!

Ideal for: Multi environment tracking, apartments, City centers, even when access to sky is limited, Marathons, Paragliding, Motorbikes, Scooters, Money bundles & valuables, Children, VIP’s & personnel tracking, Handbag and suitcase tracking.


Other Vehicle Trackers


Text message and email updates
Secret personal hijack alarms
GPS tracking
Door intrusion alerts
Other sensor capabilities

Much More Leading Edge Functions,

Offering Highest Security

All the displayed products and more are available in Pakistan through RSL Premier Services International (Pvt) Limited.

Note: Items of Military Use or Specifications are Subject to Government Controls and NOCs

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